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Fightin’ Words – A Words With Friends Style Game for BlackBerry

June 26th, 2011 No comments

InterWorks launched Fightin' Words for the BlackBerry six weeks ago. We've had a great response so far, better than we even anticipated. The other options on the BlackBerry had some serious issues which is why we decided to enter the fray.

I fell in love with Words With Friends after my wife got an IPhone. It was really at that point I started to understand the addictiveness of mobile (and social) gaming. Since InterWorks is primarily a BlackBerry shop, it made sense to build something on the BlackBerry platform. Although it has lagged behind IPhone and Android, their newer OS's and phones have enough power to actually build some real games.

We've got plans to continue to build out Fightin' Words features as well as bring it to other platforms. The Android version is nearing completion and we'll be rolling out other platforms after that.

Check out Fightin' Words website here.

You can also download the game from BlackBerry App World.

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