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U.S. Government vs. Online Poker

This past week federal prosecutors froze funds totaling 33 million from two different banks that transfer funds (via online payment processors) for online poker players.

Online Poker is another victimless crime

99% of the time that statement is true.   The other 1% is when Bobby stole his Grandma's sock drawer money after taking a bad beat.  Online poker players are everyday people for the most part, and they just want to play some poker in their spare time, and why shouldn't they be able to?  Our culture fully embraces the "boys' friday night game", but yet we can't stand it when people want to play professionally or online?  What would Deano and the boys think?

Uncle Sam, Don't you have other things to worry about?

Economy in the shitter? Check.
No money left in the treasury? Check.
Mexican Gangs bringing record amounts of drugs into the country? Check.
Two wars still ongoing? Check.

Yeah, if you laid that out in front of me my next thought would be "Hey, let's go f--k with those online poker players, we haven't bent them over lately."

Government Bureacracy run amok

Our government is too big.  There is little oversight and it's very easy for power to get abused until the light gets shined on it (Viva la Internet!).  In this situation it is the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York who has brought these actions to bear.  Most likely they'll get shot down and all money will be released.  And if it doesn't it will cause a shit storm and maybe that would be a good thing.  It would definitely wake some politicians up.

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