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How to insert HTML with images into an Outlook 2007 email

August 25th, 2009 2 comments

I recently needed to take an HTML file that had an image and create an email with it. Since I use Outlook 2007 for work and this was a work email, I needed to be able to send it using Outlook. It seems funny to me that M$ would not make this stupid easy, but unless I'm missing something, you have to hack the HTML in.

Simply create your HTML file that you want to use. Now drag the file from explorer/desktop/wherever into your inbox. This will create a new email with your HTML as the content, but the images will be X'd out.

Now click on each X where an image should be and then right click and choose "Change Picture". Select the image from the hard drive that it is supposed to be. Now your email should be ready to send.